P.B.A in Digital Concept Development
Multimediadesign with focus on film & animation

Hi! My name is Peter W. S. Lundqvist. I’m 27 years old and live in Denmark with my girlfriend and two children.
My primary area of interest is in visualising and creating new content for the audience to be a part of an get a feel of
engagement on their behalf. As an Illustrator my style and sense of humor will blend into projects,
with an understanding of character design, storytelling and concept development.

I’m an open and happy person who is a teamplayer and want to create a fun and joyful work envirorment.
My motto is “intet stress”- which translates into, “no worries, don’t stress”.

Work Experience

2016-  Freelancer Graphic designer, Illustrator, Video Consultant, Storyboard artist, Animator.

2017- 2018 Multimediadesigner at Pro-Partner AV Service & Solutions ApS

2017- 2018 Childrens book Illustrator
– “Det er bare noget man siger – Dreamlitt” 2017
– “Pigen som ikke ville spise sine grøntsager – Fairytell” 2018
– “Enhjørningen Esther – Fairytell” 2018
– “Bjørn & Freja, I lære som vikinger – Elixum” 2018
– “Papegøjen der hed Jakob – Elixum” 2018
– “Det er stadig bare noget man siger – Dreamlitt” 2018
Illustrations, Character Design, Concept development, Graphic setup.

2017 Colouring book / Concept – Illustrations

2017 Moovent Parks & Plus Co Ltd – Character design & stylesheet

2017  (Project hire) Pro-Partner AV Service & Solutions ApS – Graphic Designer & Video production
Development of logo & visual identity, graphic design, video production

2017 (Company Internship) EASJ Køge – Multimediadesigner teacher assistent
Teaching Adobe- Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Autodesk Maya

2016 (Project hire) At Work Skolen A/S – Video/consultant
Video production, storyboard/storytelling & graphic material

2016 (Internship) At Work Skolen A/S – Digital Concept Developer
Conceptdevelopping ideas to the digital platform, video, storyboard, sound/light, motion graphic

2015- 2016 Odense Fagskole – Animations Teacher, (Glasværket/Talentskolen)
Educate in classic drawing, animation, visual library & design principles