Center for Podcasting

This particular project is for a danish podcasting group of voulenteers which needed a new logo for their brand. The main idea i put into the logo was to create a solid readable name with a logo mark. The logo mark consist of a C F and P, hidden inside of this image of which can be visually seen as a head/body with headphones, or an microphone.

Event Nature

This logo was created for a company called Event Nature, which is working with the brain activity in the nature. The task was to create a corporate logo which reflected this message. So the outcome was this logo that contains a logomark showing a tree with the tree-crown as the form of a brains chambers.

Det Veganske Råd

Det Veganske Råd is a community of vegans who loves animals and want to equalize them. The wish in the pitch for this logo was very specific to create a scale with some symbolic attributes for animals. The result ended with me creating a hand in the top which transferes into a paw.


Shake’n’Eat was a newly started company where they sold coaching and nutrition advice with bootcamps. The idea was to play with the words of shake and eat and visualize it so it would appeal to the consumers. The result came about being an shaker/smoothie cub for the attraction of wanting a drink. There is two viations with a big logomark and the text beneath and another where the text is surrounded by a box with the logomark in top and punchlines at the buttom.


ProView is a company selling and renting digital signage for shops, sportfacilities and conference halls. This logo was the start of the company where it needed to be simple with a logo-mark showing the layers of digital signage and screens. The V in the middle ended up being a key mark for the visual identity and brand.


This logo is made for a hair dresser. The meaning behind it was that she play a lot of theatre in the spare time and dacapo is the way of saying, one more time which led to the customers would like to have their hair cut and done by her over and over again.
The Logo’s symbol is that the first two letters D and A is formed as a scissor.

Other Logoes